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Imagine what change could happen if charities were freed to focus on audacious results instead of miniscule overhead. That's why we're here. We want to supercharge the social sector by giving it the freedom to change the world.


This TED talk from our founder will give you an idea of what we mean. It's been viewed nearly five million times and is still watched by nearly 1,000 people a day. It is used as a training and teaching tool by boards, staff and add major universities around the world. It's 18 minutes that may forever change the way you think about charity and giving.

Our Governing Board

1 Neil Mccarthy.jpg

Neil McCarthy

Neil McCarthy, senior counsel to Chehebar Deveney & Phillips, has successfully tried cases in state and federal courts throughout the country. He has litigated cases in a broad range of substantive areas, including contract, securities, partnership, commercial, entertainment, telecommunications and constitutional law. As a former Assistant United States Attorney, he also had counseled criminal defense clients. In an age in which litigation has become the domain of paper-intensive pre-trial discovery, Mr. McCarthy is a trial lawyer who prides himself on his ability to advocate and win for his Clients. He is a 1982 graduate of Yale Law School, and a 1978 graduate of Dartmouth College.


Dan Pallotta

Dan Pallotta is an activist, humanitarian, author, and builder of movements. He is a pioneer in the national effort to transform the way our culture evaluates the character and impact of nonprofit organizations. His iconic TED Talk on philanthropy has been viewed more than 4.5 million times. It is one of the 20 most-commented TED talks of all time. It has been translated into 27 languages and continues to be viewed nearly 1,000 times a day by people all over the world. His 2016 TED talk on being has been viewed more than 1.8 million times. He is one of the 100 most-viewed TED speakers of all time. He is a founding collaborator of TED’s Audacious Philanthropy Project. He invented the multi- day charitable event industry. He created the Breast Cancer 3-Day walks and the multi-day AIDS Rides long-distance cycling journeys, which raised in excess of half a billion dollars in nine years and were the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. The model and methods he created are now employed by dozens of charities and have raised in excess of $2 billion more for important causes from pediatric leukemia to AIDS to suicide prevention and many others. He is the author of “Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential,” the best-selling title in the history of Tufts University Press. The Stanford Social Innovation Review said that the book, “deserves to become the nonprofit sector ’s new manifesto.” Dan has written over one hundred articles for the Harvard Business Review online.

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3 Seth Perlman.jpg

Seth Perlman

Seth Perlman, senior partner at Perlman & Perlman, has been advising nonprofits, fundraising professionals and social enterprises for twenty-five years. He has litigated in several state and federal jurisdictions on issues relevant to the philanthropic community. In addition, he has worked with the Hungarian Government on the initial formation of its not-for-profit sector and has been invited by Congress and state governments to advise on legal and regulatory issues relevant to philanthropy.

Our Advisory Team 


Jim Bildner
CEO, Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Foundation Advisory Committee

2 Peter Diamandis.jpg

Peter Diamandis
Chairman & CEO, XPRIZE Foundation
Advisory Board

3 Pierre Ferrari.jpg

Pierre Ferrari
President & CEO, Heifer International
Steering Committee

Matt Flannery
Co-Founder, Kiva
Advisory Board


Jim Gibbons
Former President & CEO, Goodwill Industries International
Advisory Board

Darell Hammond
Former Founder & CEO, KaBoom!
Advisory Board

Peter Lewis
CEO Institute of Fundraising UK
International Advisory Committee

Susan Barrows Libby
Managing Partner Kito Global
Steering Committee

9 Bruce MacDonald.jpg

Bruce MacDonald
President & CEO, Imagine Canada
International Advisory Committee

Kevin Murphy
President, Berks County Community Foundation
Foundation Advisory Committee

Steve Nardizzi
Former CEO, Wounded Warrior Project
Steering Committee

12 Perla Ni.jpg

Perla Ni
CEO, Great Nonprofits
Advisory Board

13 Jason Russell.jpg

Jason "Radical" Russell
Co-Founder, Invisible Children
Advisory Board

Kyla Shawyer
CEO, Resource Alliance
International Advisory Committee

15 Billy Shore.jpg

Billy Shore
Founder, Share Our Strength
Advisory Board

16 Roxanne Spillett.jpg

Roxanne Spillett
Immediate Past President, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Advisory Board


Ken Stern
Former CEO, NPR
Steering Committee

18 Art Taylor .jpg

Art Taylor
President & CEO, BBB Wise Giving Alliance
Advisory Board

19 Mark Tercek.jpg

Mark Tercek
President & CEO, The Nature Conservancy
Advisory Board



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