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We talk directly to the public with provocative advertising that makes them think.

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We do message development to create plain-spoken, show-stopping messages that get people to think in a different way. From big-thinking billboards to video and print, we run these awareness-building message-driven campaigns across a wide range of media.

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Through a partnership with ClearChannel, we ran digital billboards all over Massachusetts telling donors, “Don’t ask if a charity has low overhead. Ask if it has big impact.”It was the first time our sector has ever spoken to the general public in this way in this kind of media. Within two weeks, it resulted in a front-page - actually top of the front page — story in the Boston Globe creating a public conversation about these issues. If you’d like to run a billboard campaign in your city contact us.

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Society has de-humanized overhead. It's time to humanize it and show donors that the money that goes into overhead goes into real, dedicated, caring, essential people — not into some abstract accounting concept. We go into communities and take photographs of the overhead heroes and heroines and then compose beautiful ads that these organizations can place in the free media they produce, like their annual reports, dinner program books, newsletters, social media and even in large poster format in their offices for donors to see. In some cases, like this example of the Furniture Bank in Toronto, organizations put together their own campaigns in partnership with us. To talk about doing an "I'm overhead" campaign in your city, contact us.

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Sometimes people don’t have the time to read a long-form analysis, so we do short-form info-videos as well, like this one for Wounded Warrior Project: