Media ReCap
December 1-15, 2017

We got a great response from our #GivingTuesday media recap, so we'll be sending these twice a month from now on!

We're also excited to announce that Ken Stern, former CEO of NPR, will be joining our advisory board to help with media engagement and our Journalist Roundtables. Welcome aboard, Ken! (Tweet this)

Below, you'll find a media recap for December 1-15, 2017. Remember: our goal with these recaps is to raise the bar on charity media coverage and get journalists focused on impact.

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Almost there.

"Who are the charities we’re supporting with our 2017 charity appeal?"
by Patrick Butler (The Guardian - UK)
Social Shares: 81 | Journalist Reach: 25,426 | Journalist Shares: 1 | Tweet @Patrick

"Watchdog advises potential donors to do research before giving"
by Roberta Bell (CBC - Canada)
Social Shares: 64 | Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0 | Tweet @Roberta


Needs work.

"Best and worst charities for your donations"
by Anthony Giorgianni (Consumer Reports)
Social Shares: 17,701 | Journalist Reach: 54,705 | Journalist Shares: 7 | Tweet @Anthony

"How much do top Jewish non-profit leaders make?"
by Steven Davidson (Forward)
Social Shares: 910 | Journalist Reach: 2,413 | Journalist Shares: 3 | Tweet @Steven

"The charity check scam"
by Doug Shadel (AARP The Magazine)
Social Shares: 100 | Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0 | Tweet @Doug

"How to analyze a charity before giving"
by William Barrett (Forbes)
Social Shares: 69 | Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0 | Tweet @William

"Naughty or nice: a guide for giving to charity"
by Marguerita Cheng (Kiplinger)
Social Shares: 45 | Journalist Reach: 0 | Journalist Shares: 0 | Tweet @Marguerita