Tamara Lucas Copeland
Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

"For years, I have felt that the nonprofit sector has been marginalized both by those outside of the sector and even by those within. The Charity Defense Council will take the difficult stands, provide the powerful voice, and lead the sector to take its place as an equal partner with business, government and philanthropy in a well-functioning society."
Megan Elmer
Annual Giving Manager
Bellevue Schools Foundation

"As a fundraiser, I see how the passion, dedication, and talent of my colleagues is thwarted by the enormous obstacles that plague our sector. I'm excited that the Charity Defense Council will, for the first time, enable us to band together and create a sustainable, successful way of giving back to our communities. The result of this effort will have a profound effect on the communities we serve and eventually, the rest of the world."
Tom Callinan
Editor and VP Content Enquirer Media, Gannett
And Nonprofit Advocate

"After 35 years in the media business, I have retired to spend my time building nonprofits through storytelling training, collective impact and capacity building ... I wonder how much damage I did over the years as an editor demanding the simplistic 'pie chart' with every story about a nonprofit.  I hope to work diligently with The Charity Defense Council to rectify that unfair scorecard."
Garron Segal
Development Manager
Cincy Union Bethel

"'Overhead' and 'operations' are often dirty words in the nonprofit sector, but why should they be? People don't criticize Google for paying their electric bill or Procter & Gamble for employing marketing professionals.  I support the Charity Defense Council because it will help nonprofits tear down the barriers to succeeding in their mission-based businesses."
Jerr Boschee
Past President
Social Enterprise Alliance

"What if each of us in the humanitarian sector admitted that the 'rules' and restrictions that have guided our efforts for the past few decades are no longer valid?  What if we began to realize that arbitrary boundaries limit us to isolated victories and fleeting moments of satisfaction?  Those are the kinds of fundamental questions being asked by the Charity Defense Council – and the changes advocated by the Council will help us scale our solutions to social problems and improve the lives of millions."
Ed Hurrel
Business Development Manager
Fundraising Ireland

"How can we eradicate poverty? Cure cancer? End world hunger? And solve many more of the world's problems if the organizations trying to do so aren't allowed to invest in the best people and programs to achieve their missions? The answer is: they can't. How do for-profit companies go about achieving their missions? They invest heavily in the best people and take risks on bold and innovate strategies. Now is the time to enable the non-profit sector do the same. I want to change the world ... and one way I can do this is by changing the way the public thinks about charity. That's why I'm a member of the Charity Defense Council."
Simon Scriver
Total Fundraising

"I believe the people who want to change the world and improve people's lives have massive potential. The work they try to do is fantastic, but the double standards and hypocrisy we have in place holds everyone back. The Charity Defense Council will change this – it will educate and enlighten – it will empower those who are trying to do good. It will change everything."
Seth Perlman
Perlman & Perlman

"The charitable sector has been the patsy and punching bag for every politician trying to promote his or her career as the sword bearer of consumer protection. It is time for the Sector to fight back, to find its own voice, to tell the whole truth, to stop simply rolling over."
We protect the protectors. We block and tackle for the dreamers. Read more about our intentions.
Help us change the way people think about changing the world. You can get directly involved right now.
Of Americans believe that charities waste money, according to an NYU survey. Our goal is singular: within ten years, to have 70% of Americans believe the opposite.
That's how many people are employed in the "nonprofit" sector. That's how many foot soldiers we can bring to the cause of changing the way people think about changing the world.
$70,000,000 vs. $0
The difference between the budget for the Anti-Defamation League for the American Jewish Community and the budget for anti-defamation for the humanitarian sector. We're going to change that.
$6,500,000 vs. $0
The difference between the budget for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the budget for anti-defamation for the humanitarian sector. We're going to change that.