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Feb. 15-28, 2018

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Feb. 1-14, 2018

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Jan. 16-31, 2018

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Jan. 1-15, 2018

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Dec. 16-31, 2017

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Dec. 1-15, 2017

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Giving Tuesday 2017

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Letters to the Editor

Boston Globe (Jan. 2018)

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Media Advisories

Red Cross (2017)

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Wounded Warrior Project (2016)

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Red Cross (2015)

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Who's to blame when bad reporting devastates a good charity? (by Jason Lynch)

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Criticism of Red Cross is unrealistic, counterproductive (by Jason Lynch)

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Veteran charity ‘scams’: one of these is not like the others (by Jason Lynch)

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Nonprofits I love: Guidestar (by Dan Pallotta)

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The Charity Defense Council uses bold, provocative ad campaigns to show the public a new way of thinking about charity.




Impact Pledge

By signing the Impact Pledge, our supporters agree to put impact first and help us build a better nonprofit sector. These Charity Defenders are leading the charge in educating their personal contacts.

1. Felipe Lechtman

84 voices added

Felipe's from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He added 84 voices to the Impact Pledge.

2. Betsy Jones

60 voices added

Betsy's from San Antonio, Texas.
She added 60 voices to the Impact Pledge.

3. Norm Staunton

41 voices added

Norm's from Essex, Vermont.
He added 41 voices to the Impact Pledge.