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Chattanooga, TN

We're asking these Chattanooga influencers to sign the Impact Pledge and join our movement to transform charity.



Top Influencers


Andy Berke


Larry Buie


David Carroll


Latrice Currie


Franklin Farrow


Alison Gerber


Bruce Hartmann


Leslie Jordan


Keith Sanford


Herbert Slatery


These Impact Ambassadors are spreading the word in Chattanooga and adding hundreds of voices to our Impact Pledge.




Top Ambassadors


Rank Name Affiliation Voices Added
1 Sandra Brewer Chamber of Commerce 39
2 Laura McCann Venture Forward 37
3 Christa Mannarino Venture Forward 31
4 Cathy Mendez Venture Forward 29
5 Honor Hostetler Chamber of Commerce 26
6 Meredith Rivers Chamber of Commerce 23
7 Bruz Clark Lyndhurst Foundation 20
8 Tom McCallie Maclellan Foundation 16
9 Sarah Morgan Benwood Foundation 14
10 Susan Vandergriff A Step Ahead 11


These Impact Partners spread the word to their employees and help us recruit more Impact Ambassadors.



Impact Partners




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1. Boston, MA

4,431 voices added

Boston added 4,431 voices and 11 Influencers to the Impact Pledge.

2. Austin, TX

4,137 voices added

Austin added 4,137 voices and 9 Influencers to the Impact Pledge.

3. Chattanooga, TN

3,789 voices added

Chattanooga added 3,789 voices and 3 Influencers to the Impact Pledge.





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