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Top Cities

These cities are building a more effective approach to charity by educating donors, board members, volunteers, and local influencers.

1. Boston, MA

4,431 voices added

Boston added 4,431 voices and 11 Influencers to the Impact Pledge.

2. Austin, TX

4,137 voices added

Austin added 4,137 voices and 9 Influencers to the Impact Pledge.

These cities are leading the charge in educating their communities and transforming charity.




City Leaderboard


Rank City Voices Influencers
1 Boston, MA 4,431 11
2 Austin, TX 4,137 9
3 Chattanooga, TN 3,789 6
4 Cleveland, OH 3,614 6
5 New York, NY 3,597 8
6 Greenville, SC 3,326 4
7 Sacramento, CA 3,111 5
8 Chicago, IL 3,089 6
9 Charlotte, NC 2,986 4
10 San Diego, CA 2,843 4



Transform Charity in Your City

Want to build an impact-first movement in your community? We'll help you get started with:

•   Kickoff Call

•   Guide to a City Campaign

•   Ongoing Campaign Support

•   Access to Ambassador Community



Launching a City Campaign

Bring this movement to your city with our City Campaign Guide!

Step 1

Form a Committee

Recruit 3-4 volunteers who can help lay some groundwork in your city.

Step 2

Recruit Impact Partners

Get 5+ charities to sign on as "Impact Partners," where they promote the Impact Pledge to all their employees.

Step 3

Identify Local Influencers

Create a list of 10-12 key influencers in your city. You'll want to engage them once your campaign gets some momentum.

photo by #WOCinTech

Step 4

Set Your Goals

Set some goals to keep your campaign on track. How many names will you try to add to the Impact Pledge? 1,000...5,000...10,000?

Step 5

Build Your Movement

Start spreading the word and adding voices to the Impact Pledge!




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