Changing the way we think
about changing the world.

Impact Ambassadors recruit friends and colleagues to sign our Impact Pledge.



Impact Ambassadors

1. Felipe Lechtman

84 voices added

Felipe's from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
He added 84 voices to the Impact Pledge.

2. Betsy Jones

60 voices added

Betsy's from San Antonio, Texas.
She added 60 voices to the Impact Pledge.

3. Norm Staunton

41 voices added

Norm's from Essex, Vermont.
He added 41 voices to the Impact Pledge.


These are our Top 10 Impact Ambassadors. Wouldn't it be awesome to see your name on here?!




Top Ambassadors

Rank Name City Voices Added
1 Felipe Lechtman Sao Paulo, Brazil 84
2 Betsy Jones San Antonio, TX 60
3 Norm Staunton Essex, VT 41
4 Nicole Malina Long Beach, CA 28
5 Pam Tricamo Lebanon, PA 24
6 Rachel Gattuso Reno, NV 23
7 Lynda En Surrey, Canada 20
8 Eric Vosmeier Los Angeles, CA 19
9 Marie Turnbull London, United Kingdom 18
10 Kate Russell Christchurch, New Zealand 15


Become an Impact Ambassador


As an Impact Ambassador, you invite friends, family, and colleagues to rethink charity.


Set a goal for the number of people you'd like to reach. Then, we'll email you a personal link to keep track of everyone you've recruited.

The average Impact Ambassador adds 13 new voices to the movement. Think you can top that?! 

Ambassador Milestones

for adding 25 voices

to the movement

25 Club members receive a 25 Club t-shirt and special updates from our Executive Director.

for adding 50 voices

to the movement

50 Club members receive a 50 Club t-shirt, special updates from our Executive Director, and invites to exclusive webinars.

for adding 100 voices

to the movement

100 Club members receive a 100 Club t-shirt, special updates from our Executive Director, and an invite to our annual gathering.





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